5 - Community and Governance

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DAO Tooling/AI Tools: This category is for projects that build tools or platforms to make governance and community coordination easier for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) on Stacks. This could include tools for voting, proposal management, treasury management, dispute resolution, community engagement, or AI-powered tools for automating and streamlining DAO processes. Growth / Community Building: This area is for initiatives that actively expand and strengthen the Stacks community. This encompasses projects focused on onboarding new users, fostering community engagement, organizing events or meetups, creating educational resources, or building platforms that facilitate interaction and collaboration within the Stacks ecosystem. Reputation: This category welcomes projects that explore innovative ways to manage reputation and social identities on the Stacks blockchain. This could involve tools for verifying credentials, tracking contributions, establishing decentralized reputation systems, or creating social platforms that leverage blockchain-based identity. Events (IRL or Online): This area is for events that bring the Stacks community together, both online and offline. This could include hackathons, workshops, conferences, meetups, or other events designed to foster community building, collaboration, and networking within the Stacks ecosystem. Education and Bootcamp: This category focuses on educational initiatives aimed at empowering users, developers, node runners, and other stakeholders within the Stacks ecosystem. This could include boot camps, workshops, tutorials, online courses, or other educational resources that provide the knowledge and skills needed to participate in and contribute to the Stacks community. Stacks Improvement Proposals (SIP): This category is for projects that directly contribute to the development and improvement of the Stacks blockchain through the Stacks Improvement Proposal (SIP) process. This could involve developing new standards, proposing protocol upgrades, or streamlining the current SIP process to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Stacks governance. Governance Research: This area is for research projects that delve into the complexities of Stacks governance and explore ways to enhance its effectiveness and inclusivity. This could include research on voting mechanisms, decision-making processes, tokenomics, or other aspects of Stacks governance that have the potential to improve the overall health and sustainability of the ecosystem. Social Impact: This category is for projects that leverage the Stacks blockchain to address social challenges and create positive impact within the Stacks community and beyond. This could include initiatives focused on financial inclusion, financial fairness, or other areas where blockchain technology can be used to drive positive social change. Others/Bluesky Ideas: This category is open to innovative and experimental projects that don't fit neatly into the other categories. We encourage applicants to think outside the box and propose novel ideas that have the potential to push the boundaries of what's possible on Stacks.

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