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Stacks DeGrants: Power Up DeFi Innovation

We are calling all DeFi pioneers!

Shape and supercharge the future of DeFi on Stacks with DeGrants! We're offering grants to fuel groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of lending, borrowing, trading, and more.

The DeGrants have a streamlined process for DeFi projects to get funded. The application process involves submitting a proposal, undergoing an initial review, and engaging with the Stacks community. After an initial compliance check, projects are evaluated based on feasibility, innovation, ecosystem and community fit. This involves presentations, community engagement, and voting. Final decisions are made by DeGrants stewards after detailed reviews and interviews. Successful applicants receive grant agreements and funding disbursements based on milestones. They also MUST provide timely and regular updates to ensure transparency.

🛠️ Build the Next Generation of DeFi

  • Develop innovative protocols: Create dApps that revolutionize financial services on Stacks.

  • Create new or enhance existing solutions: Refine the status quo or current DeFi projects and make them even more user-friendly and powerful.

  • Community, Marketing and Memes: Bring the next million users to Stacks, through new and novel approaches.

👥 Meet Your Mentors

Our team of DeFi Stewards, Mentors and Advisors will provide guidance and support throughout your journey.

📅 Important Dates for DeFi track

  • Twitter Spaces will be held at https://x.com/BrendynHadfield

  • 28th May on X DeGrants DeFi

  • 31 May on X DeGrants Funding for DeFi - Applications Open

  • 4th June on Console DeGrants Funding Cohort 2- Launch Event

  • 11th June on X Meet the Stewards & Application Support #1

  • 18th June on X Application Support #2

  • 25th June on X Application Support #3

  • 28th June Applications Close

  • 28th June - 5th July Stewards Review Applicants and Score

  • 2nd July on X Shortlist Scoring Feedback

  • 3rd July Publish Shortlist on X for Community Feedback

  • 9th July on X Community Feedback

  • 11th July Contact winners

  • 12th July on X Recipients Announced

Don't wait! Apply today and be a part of the DeFi revolution on Stacks.

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