💯Review Criteria

Our decision-making process is guided by 5 key evaluation review criteria. These criteria help us identify the projects with the greatest potential of benefiting the Stacks community.

  1. Impact Evaluating a proposed project's potential impact can lead to meaningful and positive contributions to the Stacks ecosystem. >> If successful, how would this project benefit Stacks community members? How many community members would it affect? How many builders would it affect? How much impact would it have on the blockchain itself? Usage or otherwise.

  2. Feasibility Evaluating the feasibility of a proposed project is essential to ensure that it can be successfully executed. This includes assessing whether the project's goals are achievable with the available resources and within the proposed timeline. >> Is this project achievable with the available resources and within the proposed timeline?

  3. Team Experience The experience and expertise of the team behind the project are one of the most important factors. A team with a track record of successful projects and relevant experience is more likely to execute the grant effectively. >> Does the team have relevant experience and a track record of executing other projects successfully?

  4. Innovation and Quality We assess the project's level of innovation and the quality of the proposal, recognizing and rewarding innovative ideas and well-crafted proposals. >> Has this been done before? If so, does it meaningfully improve on previous implementations?

  5. Self-Sustainability Evaluating the extent to which the proposed project demonstrates the potential for self-sustainability beyond the grant period. It assesses whether the project has clear strategies, resources, and plans in place to continue its impact and operations once the grant funding ends. >> Does the proposal lay out a plan with clear strategies and resources for continuing project operations once grant funding ends?

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