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Tracks Available:

  1. Mentorship Track:

Do you have something to teach? Have you been an OG in the space? Are you looking to help builders and developers in the Stacks ecosystem? Now is your time to help a new Stacks builder. You could teach 1 or 2 people and record a few sessions to share with the public, hold a weekend bootcamp, or put on a weekly class.

Proposal Outline: The project should include clear objectives and milestones. Charts are needed to visualize project timelines and milestones. Skills should be specified, both required and those developed during the mentorship. The time frame should provide a detailed schedule and deadlines. Progress should be documented through video or written reports. Finally, there should be defined levels of collaboration with existing projects and mentors. Basic involvement should include participation in DeGrants calls, a clear project outline, progress documentation, and potential for future collaboration.

  • Existing Mentees: You are a mentor who already has mentees.

  • Assistance Needed: You require assistance from DeGrants to find suitable mentees.

  • Community-Driven Request: You are making a request driven by the community to find mentees.

  • Mentorship applications should include:

    • Basic involvement, such as participation in DeGrants calls.

    • Publicly discuss your ideas.

    • Outline your collaboration with existing projects.

  1. Solo Track:

  • Individual developers can apply with their project proposals.

  • Solo applications should include:

    • Basic involvement, such as participation in DeGrants calls.

    • Clear project outline with objectives, milestones, and timelines.

    • Documentation of progress through recordings/other..

    • Potential for future collaboration with existing projects.

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